LED Capes

Rechargeable, Durable, Fun

10 Amazing Patterns

10 unique and enchanting LED patterns, this cape is more than just illumination—it's an experience.

USB Rechargeable

Rechargeable with a USB mini port -- At least 8 hours of charge every time.

One Button -- So Easy!

One press turns it on or changes the pattern. A long press turns it off.

Concerts & Festivals!

Stand out in the crowd, and really get into the music with a fun LED Light Up Cape.

Bike Riding -- Safe and Fun!

With its reflective fabric and brilliant LED lights, this cape ensures that your child shines bright, day or night, while igniting their imagination.

Night Time Exploration!

Designed for young explorers, this magical cape not only adds a touch of enchantment to their adventures but also makes them visible as they navigate the night.

Buy Quality ... Not Junk


So tough, not even a kid can break it, but if they ever do, it comes with a 1-year warranty


Electronics remove easily in one piece. Wash inside out on hand-wash/delicate. Reinsert easily in about 5 minutes

High Quality Fabrics

Soft, durable, and won't leave glitter everywhere.

Light Up The Night!

Our three year old loves wearing his cape. During the summer we got to enjoy seeing his cape shimmer in the sun. Now that the days are shorter he gets to run around with the lights on after the sun goes down. Sometimes I wear it while I dance in front of the mirror. The cape is fun for everyone!
Dennis Kliban
Raleigh, NC

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