Sparkle by Day! Light Up the Night!

LED Capes for Children and Adults

Sparkles in the Daytime
Shines at Night
Perfect for adults & children

Visual Impact

Wearing LED capes together amplifies the fun factor of the experience. You can dance, sing, and immerse yourselves in the festival atmosphere

Nighttime Visibility

The illuminated cape ensures that you can be easily spotted by friends or fellow festival-goers, preventing accidental separation in crowded areas.


Stand out from the crowd and make a bold fashion statement. Add an element of visual spectacle to your outfit and enhances your overall presence.

LED Capes, LLC

Light Up the Night!

Need help?

LED Capes are perfect for nighttime events, walks in the woods, and all kinds of fun adventures. Not only do they enhance visibility and ensure safety, but they also bring a whole new level of excitement, style, and creativity to your wardrobe.


Why do People Love LED Capes?

“It’s so light, it’s like wearing nothing at all.”

-Age 9

“The fabric sparkles!”

-Age 7

“I want to wear it with the lights.”

-Age 2

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